We thank you and appreciate your purchase with us. 

Please read the policy, conditions, and process carefully as they will give you important information and guidelines about your rights and obligations as our customer, concerning any purchase you make through us unless specifically stated otherwise explicitly on our service sale pages or user’s offer advertisements. 

The policy with regard to the processing of the refund shall be in accordance with the clauses as set forth for REFUND REQUESTS.

Upon your purchase of the services/ products through the CareerBricks Learning Solutions’ website (www.careerbricks.com), you do not have the right to place a return or refund request or process a return request on general grounds. In all general circumstances, all the payments made through this website (www.careerbricks.com) are Non-Refundable.


Refund policy for all the listed services shall be made as stated under:

  • No refund shall be provided to the user once the user has made the payment for the services listed on the website.
  • No refund shall be provided if the customer changes their mind immediately after making the payment.
  • No refund shall be provided if the service has been booked and despite the time/ schedule given by the expert for consulting; the customer has not attended the phone calls and/ or replied to the emails.
  • CareerBricks Learning Solutions, will not be responsible for any dilly-dally/ postponement of availing the services by the customer for whatever reasons under or beyond their (customers’) control, unless it’s mutually agreed to by the service provider/ subject matter experts allocated by the CareerBricks Learning Solutions, explicitly in writing (through emails/ written & signed documents).
  • No refund shall be provided whether or not the customer has gone through the suggestions/ advisory provided and thereof got any perceived/ actual positive outcome from the service/ session. 
  • The consulting/ service provided by the Experts on this website to the paid customers are provided in good faith and with prior experience of the experts; hence there would be no outcome guarantee of whatsoever nature. 
  • No refund will be provided even after the user/ customer changes his/ her mind immediately after booking the service and making the payment and informs the platform through a proper channel duly acknowledged. 
  • No Refund shall be provided based on the outcome or perceived outcome of the service or session. 
  • The user is entitled to receive a 50% refund of the total amount (after deduction of tax component) in case of extreme unforeseeable events after proper inspection made by the CareerBricks Learning Solutions, which might include the service non-availability from the platform/ website side.


  • The refund request made under this platform shall be processed within 15 working days of the platform/ website approval and communicating the same in writing through email and shall be transferred to the customer’s bank account.
  • In case CareerBricks Learning Solutions fails to provide the refund within 15 working days, the user can raise a complaint through the website contact form for the issue of refund and CareerBricks Learning Solutions shall resolve the issue within 48 working hours.

We maintain a negative list of all fraudulent transactions and non-complying users and reserve the right to deny access to such users at any time or cancel any orders placed by them in the future or in some special cases, may block such users from using the website.